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Understand The Reasons Why Sustainability Is Important for Business
According to the latest research by WGSN and Informa Markets, consumers are likely to enter a "period of realignment" in the next twelve months that prioritises thoughtful consumption and sustainable living. The recent WGSN poll found that consumers are wanting to embrace ethical and environmentally responsible production processes after "years of rapid industry, technological, and […]
Sustainability Round-up: Businesses Going the Extra Mile for the Planet
Decathlon Embraces Rental Sportswear Decathlon has partnered with Hirestreet, a fashion rental platform, to launch an initiative allowing customers to rent clothes for skiing and hiking. The new project is being aimed at those seeking a sustainable alternative to buying all-new outfits for your ski or hiking trip. Hirestreet also believes that increased interest in […]
The Waste Race: How Brands are Embracing a Circular Economy
The human population is increasing, resources are dwindling, and we’re producing more waste than ever. It’s clear that something needs to change.   Embracing a circular economy means encouraging people to share, lease, reuse, repair, refurbish, and recycle existing materials and goods for as long as possible. This extends the life-cycle of products, reducing waste to the […]