Run a Campaign in the Forest Garden

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Run a Campaign
in the Forest Garden

Not sure how to start you sustainability journey with your friends/ customers? here is the answer for you!

By signing up in Play It Green, you will automatically join the first Campaign – Be Part of the Climate Solution. You can start to share your Campaign to the people around you and ask your friends and stakeholders to reach the goal together!

Want more variety on the campaign?

Play It Green will prepare a few Campaigns and Challenges for you to join! You coud join any Campaigns with a simply click and you can edit the joined Campaign to fit your needs, such as amending the goals and description.

Create your own Campaigns

Play It Green provide an effective way for you to engage with your friends/customers by creating your own campaign in a few steps. You could set up your own campaign with Campaign Title, Description, Period, Trees goal to reach, Key visual and etc. You can also set it as private for your friends/employees or public for everyone to join and support your campaign!

Just one step...

Still not yet join Play It Green? Act now!

Other Information

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