Our Unique Approach – 3-Step Solution

Our Unique Approach - 3-Step Solution

Everything we do at Play it Green is guided by our unique 3-step solution to climate change: 

Reduce, Repair, Regive.

3 Step Climate solution

Reduce Carbon Footprints by living more Sustainably

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As is almost common knowledge at this point, the world needs to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees if we want to avoid climate disasters. The only way to do this is to reduce the level of greenhouse gases we’re putting into the atmosphere.


This means we essentially have to reduce everything. The amount we use, the amount of meat we eat, the amount of waste we produce, the amount we travel, and more. A huge task. And many feel overwhelmed, believing that their actions as an individual can’t possibly make a difference.


However, there are thousands of little ways we can begin to make more sustainable choices that work better for both us and the planet, and at Play it Green we are passionate about helping you take that journey step by step.

As a Play It Green member, your business will now receive a weekly mailer from Play It Green containing sustainability tips (Link to News #Concept Page), discounts and articles. A support pack containing tips for your customers on how to lower their carbon footprint is available at no cost. You could join our sustainability challenge with a simple click or create your own sustainable campaign in your Forest Garden to engage with your customers (Link to 6.5 Run a Campaign). This can be used on your marketing literature, platforms and/or automated post-sale emails to customers. You can also access Play It Green’s Net Zero Framework to help map out how your business can achieve net-zero.

Repair the Planet by planting Trees

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Repairing the planet, of course, is no simple task. Governments, organisations, and individuals around the globe will have to make concerted efforts to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and help bring nature back to pre-industrial levels.


The best way to do this, according to the International Panel on Climate Change, is to restore key ecological areas such as forests, wetlands, and prairies. Together, all of these can pull billions of tons of carbon out of the atmosphere every year, delivering as much climate benefit as almost 2 million windmills.


At Play it Green, we plant trees in Madagascar through our tree-planting partner, The Eden Reforestation Project (link to 6.2 Tree Planting), who put local people and sustainable practices at the heart of their environmental efforts.


The trees do more than rebalance the footprints of purchases. All of this not only benefits the local economy and helps the people there afford daily necessities but also helps restore an incredibly vital and already damaged ecosystem.


Your business will receive its very own Forest Garden page (Link to 6.4 Create your own Forest Garden) to track all the trees planted, personalise it for publicity and engagement purposes. Every tree purchase is added to your Forest Garden, a hugely positive story. 

Regive 10% to a good cause

It’s important to understand that the climate crisis is not only an environmental issue. It affects every aspect of our society and has huge social and economic impacts.


If we want to solve climate change, then we also have to look at the many inequalities that still plague society. This includes inequality between wealthy and poorer countries, between rich and poor within countries, between men and women, between generations, and more.


Addressing climate change will cause a massive shift in our society, making it the perfect time to address inequalities and social issues too.


At Play it Green, we know how important this is, and it’s why Regive is the third step in our climate solution. Our tree planting efforts support local communities in Madagascar, as they are employed to plant and care for the trees as they grow. Not only do the trees benefit the planet, but they also improve the local economy and help the people there afford daily necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.


On top of that, 10% of everything we receive from our members goes towards good causes of their choice. Members are free to choose any charity that’s close to their heart, and once they do, it becomes available for all our other members to select.

Some amazing charities  (Link to 3 News #GoodCauses page) we support include Winston’s Wish, Depaul UK, Sea Shepherd, WWF, and Mind, along with many more. By doing this, we are not only helping the planet but the people who live on it too.

Just one step...

For more information about our services, to request a consultation, or for advice on any aspect of our sustainability service, please get in touch.

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