Climate Positive Company

Climate Positive Company

If you have a Climate Positive Workforce and a Footprint Report you can then take the next step to be a Climate Positive Company.

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By rebalancing the company’s current carbon footprint to become carbon neutral through reforestation at 50p per tree through our partner EaaSi Carbon.


You can also commit to reducing your overall business carbon footprint moving forward by working with Play it Green’s Net Zero Framework and use our network of sustainability experts, products and services to support your journey to Net Zero.

Grow by Boosting Your Net Zero Credentials

Consumers, tenders, supply chains and partners are all demanding sustainable action, so going green lowers risk and boosts growth

Make a real social and environmental impact

Sustainable behaviour change is the most difficult part for many companies. Following the road to Net Zero Framework can help your business to become a real sustainability master to help our planet.

Regive to society

By passing on 10% of your subscription to the good cause of your choice, ensuring you have a social impact as well as an environmental one.

Just one step...

To get a Climate Positive Workforce you must sign up all FT employees

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Climate Positive Company

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