Carbon Footprint Report

Carbon Footprint Report

Through our partnership with EaaSi Carbon, you can receive a full Carbon Footprint report that is compliant with government SECR scopes 1, 2 or 3.

Once you get the report, your company is in a position to make an assessment on your existing situation and reduce the overall business carbon footprint by working with Play it Green to start your journey to Net Zero.


You can also use the EaaSi Carbon platform to switch to green energy at a lower cost than standard brokers and offset your carbon footprint.


Get a Business Footprint Report & Start Your Journey to Net Zero today!

Win Tenders and create competitive advantages

Companies that focus on sustainability will be in the best position to get valuable new business opportunities as the world moves to more sustainable practices – Forbes 2022

Increase Efficiency

Having a transparent sustainability strategy can reduce costs substantially and can affect operating profits by as much as 60% – McKinsey 2022

What we thought?

“You can’t efficiently reduce what you haven’t measured, that’s a  fact and whilst we recommend all businesses start with our workforce initiative as it provides the necessary culture shift to support a business on its journey to net zero, getting a footprint report and using our net zero framework to reduce it, is the logical next step. By doing this transparently, it can only aid a business’s brand value, sales and client acquisition.”

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