H&M Releases Eco-Conscious Range

With the introduction of "Innovation Stories," which takes the form of capsule collections, H&M is taking a new approach to its sustainability-focused apparel lines.

Starting March 18, the first, named "Innovation Science," will be released and will feature a leather substitute, Desserto, made from cactus plants and a castor oil yarn, called Evo by Fulgar.

In light, airy colours, the collection includes wide-legged denim, cropped tops and cuffed tracksuits.

Ella Soccorsi, the project designer for the label, said, "Innovation Stories is a platform that takes our experimentation to the next level." On the exterior of the fabric, prominent tags identify the sustainable aspects of the fabric.

"This garment is made of bio-based nylon that comes from castor oil," one tag says, affixed to the back of a pastel blue stretchy, body-hugging dress. It goes on to list additional benefits of the plant used to produce the material that does not need large quantities of water and can be grown on land that is unsuitable for food cultivation.

The Science Collection supplants the Conscious Collection, which was established by the Swedish fast-fashion company in 2011. The Conscious Range was also introduced by well-known celebrities and models, such as Amber Valletta, Natalia Vodianova and Hailey Baldwin, made of sustainable materials like organic cotton and linen, Tencel and recycled polyester.

The coronavirus crisis has brought pressure to bear on fashion retailers across the range to show consumers that they are aware of social and environmental concerns in their operations. Millennials and Gen-Z are voting with their pockets and the evidence is there that sustainability and good governance are where its at.

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