What will holidays look like in the future?

During the Covid pandemic, much of the world was in lockdown and the future of the tourism industry is in jeopardy.

No one has been able to predict how the global epidemic will change our lives so much when we enter 2020. The freedom of travel has been reduced for most of the year and we could only dream of booking a holiday online. Those who like to travel in style and escape to exotic places may need to rethink their travels.

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Travelling abroad, just because of the beautiful location of the hotel or destination, is becoming less popular. Instead, travellers are wanting to take a break with purpose. People now want to make the most of their free time by learning new skills, renewing the love of their hobby, or simply connecting with local communities. Very few people have been spared the global epidemic, but some have suffered more than others, especially those who depend on tourism for their income. All you need to do is search the internet for reminders to help local communities, whether they are on the doorstep or elsewhere. In these times, people come together to help each other and contribute to sustainability projects and local initiatives. This trend is expected to increase in the coming months and change the way we travel at least in the near future.

Staycation is a popular choice for many people who want to escape and avoid travel restrictions or quarantine rules. After so many months of full lockup, for most, even a short trip seems like a break. Because there is very little to do, people researched what is near their own homes and found that a lot of luxury things can be done without flying. Whether it's a day trip to somewhere close or weekend break further afield, hotels are confirming the increased number of bookings by travellers are looking for places closer to home.

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If we are honest, our health has never been so important to us before and we can’t take it for granted. Therefore more and more people want to book wellness packages during their holidays. Spa holidays that allow you to relax and unwind have seen increased reservations, while those who want to exercise properly plan their vacation with sports and wellness facilities. When people have a clear goal in mind, they tend to research and plan a break rather than just booking somewhere. Ultimately, travellers are choosing to holiday in places where they can improve their mind and body and feel better.

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