What is a Climate Positive Workforce?

The world is changing. People are becoming more environmentally aware than ever before, and they expect businesses to change along with them.


However, with so many areas to cut down in and fears over doing the wrong thing, it can often be challenging to know where to start.


Nowadays, though, it is necessary it businesses if are to grow and flourish. Consumers, supply chains, tenders and partners are all demanding green action be taken. This demand will only increase, as will green legislation.


It will also help you attract and retain the best employees. With the increasing demand for sustainability, it makes an attractive benefit to any workplace. After all, a happier, valued workforce is always a more loyal and productive one.


At Play it Green, we make it easy for businesses to make these changes, and to receive all the benefits from them. We can help you drive your business’s sustainability agenda, reach net-zero, and create a positive culture change in the workplace.


A great way to get started is our Climate Positive Workforce programme. A large part of any businesses footprint comes from its employees. The bigger your workforce, the larger your emissions.

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In return for just £5 per employee per month, we can help you have an immediate impact by:

Planting 13 trees per person per month, instantly rebalancing their carbon footprint at home as well as 7500 annual work miles.


Sending our sustainability newsletter to your entire team every Friday containing a tip, articles, and a discount on a related product to help drive behaviour change and lower carbon footprints.


Pass on 10% of your subscription to a good cause of your choice, ensuring you have a social impact as well as an environmental one.

All of the trees are planted through our partner, the Eden Reforestation Project, across three sites in Madagascar, benefitting not only the land, but the people too.


Lifelong employment in caring for the trees promotes gender equality and helps people afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.


Gaining a Climate Positive workforce also gives your company its very own Forest Garden page that can be personalised to include your company name, logo, website, message, and pictures.


The Forest Garden allows you to keep track of the trees you’ve planted, the amount of CO2 you have offset, and gives you access to a whole raft of marketing support. This includes promotional badges and the ability to share your garden, giving your business a whole new story to tell.


You can also run Campaigns through your Forest Garden, allowing anyone to support your goals, ensuring more trees are planted and more funds are raised for your good cause.


Not only that, but you will have access to our Net Zero Framework for Business. This allows you to review, plan, and set actions across nine key programme areas that will ultimately take you to Net-Zero. Along with lots of ideas, it also asks questions to help aid in reviews.


The Framework has been designed to cover every area of a business, including Governance, Energy & Emissions, Food, Procurement, Transportation, Venue, Resource Use & Waste, Water, and Projects & Workforce.

“We realise this is new to many businesses, even those with successful CSR programmes may not have engaged on the environment before.


“Getting a Climate Positive Workforce is a simple affordable way for any business to instantly show to its customers and staff this is important and you are taking action. Your brand becomes more attractive, you have more marketing material and you have a better answer for when anyone asks – what are you doing on climate change?


“Signing up to getting a Climate Positive Workforce would be your first step and our entire support package is geared towards you taking many more steps long into the future, that not only fight climate change but most importantly ensure your business thrives, grows and is a huge success.”

Chris Thair, Co-founder & CEO, Play it Green

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