The Three-Step Solution: Regive

Everything we do at Play it Green is guided by our unique 3-step solution to climate change: Reduce, Repair, Regive. This week, we take a look at our final step – regive 10% to a good cause – what it means, and why it’s so important.


It’s important to understand that the climate crisis is not only an environmental issue. It affects every aspect of our society and has huge social and economic impacts.


If we want to solve climate change, then we also have to look at the many inequalities that still plague society. This includes inequality between wealthy and poorer countries, between rich and poor within countries, between men and women, between generations, and more.


Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has noted the crucial role climate justice has to play in solving climate change.


It’s also important to note that climate change affects vulnerable people the most, including women, children, the elderly, disabled people, Indigenous people and ethnic minorities. This can be because of where they live, their health, income, language barriers, or limited access to resources.


Sadly, the most vulnerable can also be negatively impacted by measures meant to address the climate crisis. For example, policies that expand public transport or carbon pricing may lead to higher public transport fares which can impact poorer households more.


Similarly, if not carefully addressed, limiting forestry activities could impact indigenous communities that depend on forests year-round for their livelihoods.

Addressing climate change will cause a massive shift in our society, making it the perfect time to address inequalities and social issues too.


If we keep vulnerable populations in mind and engage with them, we can build a better, more sustainable world that can benefit everyone no matter who they are.


At Play it Green, we know how important this is, and it’s why Regive is the third step in our climate solution. Our tree planting efforts support local communities in Madagascar, as they are employed to plant and care for the trees as they grow. Not only do the trees benefit the planet, but they also improve the local economy and help the people there afford daily necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.


On top of that, 10% of everything we receive from our members goes towards good causes of their choice. Members are free to choose any charity that’s close to their heart, and once they do, it becomes available for all our other members to select.


Some amazing charities we support include Winston’s Wish, Depaul UK, Sea Shepherd, WWF, and Mind, along with many more. By doing this, we are not only helping the planet but the people who live on it too.

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