Support people like Justin with Play It Green

When you join Play It Green, you help people like Justin build a better way of life for their families and for themselves. Justin has seven children and many more grandchildren living in Androhibe, Madagascar.

Justin used to be a rice farmer and charcoal maker until he began working with Eden Reforestation Project.  He once had to cut about 100 trees per month to make just ten gunny bags of charcoal, but it was ever enough. Justin still had terrible trouble supplying himself and his family with enough food.

The financial burden forced him to lose sleep through the night, but things changed when Eden opened a new planting site in Androhibe, Madagascar at the end of 2019.

Nursery in Madagascar

Justin allowed Eden to build a 100,000-pot nursery on his property and has since taken the lead on the project. Now he can feed his family consistently and even buy a cow with hopes of growing a herd. Without financial stress, he says he can sleep at night. Justin said:

"I feel happy. It's like the sun is rising in my life. My heart is lit up as I am old, and I can make a living."

Your support gives people like Justin a consistent income so that they can afford daily needs and rest more easily, knowing that they can provide for themselves and their families.

Eden Reforestation impact to date


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