Shire Leasing to Help Reforest the Planet

Shire Leasing PLC will plant a tree through Play It Green for every new lease, ensuring the environment becomes a key aspect of its extensive corporate and social responsibility work.


Tamworth based financial institution Shire Leasing has teamed up with the award-winning sustainability company Play It Green to plant trees that will bring employment, support wildlife and fight climate change.


Julie Henehan, Corporate Development Director of Shire Leasing, said:


“We are already helping businesses invest in energy-saving technology affordably and, through our Driving Clean Air programme, to upgrade to low/no emission vehicles to improve the environment. 


Our collaboration with the team at Play it Green will mean that every new lease transaction will result in a tree being planted. Simple and immediate action with the aim of making a positive difference.”

Chris Thair, CEO, Play It Green said:


“It is essential every person and business steps up and does more on the issue of climate change and we congratulate Shire Leasing for doing so.


No one institute can provide the entire solution to this problem and it will only come through the collective effort of many.


Shire Leasing is now planting trees, becoming a more sustainable business and spreading the message.


We congratulate Shire Leasing on this exciting new initiative and helping to repair the planet.”

Shire 1

Play It Green, an organisation offering a simple and accessible way to support reforestation whilst lowering carbon footprints, have teamed up with Shire Leasing PLC with the aim to plant a full forest of trees. 


New trees being part of the global drive to lower atmospheric carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas warming up the planet.


The impact of the new initiative goes further than reforestation by tackling poverty in the regions where trees are planted.


The scheme will promote and enable opportunities for fair employment to people living in impoverished communities, allowing them to become transformational agents of global forest restoration.


This will build on Shire Leasing’s extensive Corporate and Social Responsibility programme which supports local charities, the welfare of its staff, and helps support the environment.


Recent changes include introducing reusable water bottles for all staff, reducing waste, moving to energy-efficient products and making sustainability a key focus.


Play It Green has a unique business model whereby ten per cent of all revenues support good causes, so the work with Shire Leasing will also be supporting Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Join Play It Green for the cost of a coffee each month and we will help you to:

REPAIR the planet through reforestation, REDUCE your footprint with weekly tips and sustainable discounts and REGIVE 10% to a good cause, of your choice

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