Preloved Kilo Let Customers Plant a Tree with Every Purchase

Preloved Kilo is the U.K.’s leading fully-independent vintage and retro clothing supplier, running events all around the U.K. and even supplying Asda with their preloved vintage range. Now, they are selling their vintage clothes to customers online and, in partnership with Play it Green, giving them the chance to plant a tree with every purchase.


Preloved have been a part of our Climate Positive Workforce programme for over a year now. This means they are provided with the weekly tips and tools to lower their carbon footprint and accelerate their journey to net-zero, while also planting enough trees to balance the carbon footprint of their staff and their work-related travel.


They also give customers the option to purchase ‘Climate Positive Tickets’ for their events to offset their travel. So far, they have planted over 10,000 trees!


Preloved already do so much for the planet through both their work with Play it Green and by bringing second-hand clothes to the mainstream. Now, they are also giving customers the chance to plant a tree when buying clothes through their website.

Steve Lynam, the Director of Preloved Kilo, said:


“Our customers are very sustainability-conscious which shows in the massive success in planting over 10,000 trees via our event ticket sales. We now also offer this via our online platform at the checkout stage. Customers can choose to plant a tree with each purchase made online and help in our mission for a more sustainable future.”

Play it Green Co-Founder Richard Dickson added:


“From the first time I met Steve from Pre-loved Kilo I knew our missions were aligned. Through a journey of collaboration, our impact together has increased and will increase in the future. It just goes to show what can happen when you put impact and collaboration first.”

The trees are planted in Madagascar, helping to restore one of the world’s most vital ecosystems. They also provide a livelihood to members of the local community who are employed to plant and care for the trees as they grow, allowing them to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.


Through Play it Green’s unique three-step solution to climate change, Reduce, Repair, Regive, a tenth of all revenues also go to a good cause of the member’s choice. Preloved supports Weston Park Cancer Charity, helping those dealing with cancer and supporting vital research into the disease.


If you’re looking for some new (sustainable, second-hand) clothes, you can shop Preloved here.


To read more about our partnership, check out this Member in Focus with Preloved Director Steve Lynam, or look at the amazing impact Preloved are having with Play it Green through the Preloved Patch Forest Garden.

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