Play it Green’s Charity Payments Increase Five-Fold

Thanks to Play It Green’s expanding membership, the award-winning sustainability company has just paid five times the amount it previously did to its growing list of good causes.


Our unique 3-step solution to climate change means 10% of all revenues are passed onto good causes of each member’s choice, ensuring they are making a social impact as well as an environmental one.


Our members can also grow trees where they are needed most, removing carbon from the atmosphere and supporting the local communities who are employed not just to plant but to care for the trees. We also provide a whole host of support to lower members’ carbon footprint and help them reach net zero.

Chris Thair, Play It Green Co-founder said, “Making the payments to the eleven charities feels wonderful, and I’m delighted the amount increased fivefold compared to our last set of donations.


“We have an incredible array of good causes that help fight cancer, homelessness, deforestation and support bereaved children, a children’s hospital, food bank, wildlife, sport, mental health, sea protection and medical services. 


“Climate change causes many issues in society, so it was important to us that our business model guaranteed our members made an immediate environmental and social impact whilst we accelerated their journey to net-zero.


“We are really proud of our unique three-step solution to climate change, nobody else in the world operates this way, and the idea came from walks in the park. These charities do wonderful work, supporting a lot of people, and it is thanks to our membership we are able to support them too.”

We are currently celebrating our first Anniversary of trading this Earth Month. To mark the occasion and make a huge positive impact on the environment, we are running the 1000 Tree Challenge.


Our goal is to get getting 120 businesses and individuals to complete it, planting 120,000 trees and making 10,000 people climate positive for Earth Month.


The good causes recently receiving a donation from Play It Green include Active Cheshire, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, Malvern Hills Foodbank, Mind, North West Air Ambulance, Sea Shepherd U.K, Shelter, The Children’s Air Ambulance, Weston Park Cancer Charity, Winston’s Wish and the World Wildlife Federation.

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