Make Your Restaurant Climate Positive

While the demand for sustainability is increasing, many businesses still fear the time, expense, and difficulty of reducing their environmental impact. Yet, with only 8% of consumers not concerned about the sustainability of their purchases, it’s becoming essential.


For restaurants and hospitality, the need is even greater as people move towards more environmentally-friendly food choices.


That’s why we at Play it Green have created an easy way to make your restaurant a Climate Positive one, at absolutely no cost to you or your business.


Simply add 1 pound or Euro to each bill, and we will help repair the planet by planting two trees. This will more than counterbalance the meals and make the whole dining experience climate positive.


By planting through our global impact partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, you’ll also be supporting the members of local villages and communities where the trees are planted. 


Due to steady employment, people living in extreme poverty can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine whilst helping to combat climate change through mass reforestation of their local area.


To ensure the experience has an even greater impact, 10% of each pound is regiven to a good cause of your choice. A further 10% is also given to your front-of-house team as a thank you for helping to repair the planet.


With complete API automation, our platform can integrate seamlessly into yours to provide you with a touch-free sustainability solution.

At Play it Green, we know that helping your brand grow is critical. Our Climate Positive dining experience leaves diners with the knowledge that their meal has not only been excellent, but it has had both an environmental and social impact.


By highlighting this, diners are then more likely to talk about their experience at your restaurant and recommend it to others.


To help you grow revenues even further, Play it Green provides all members with their very own online Forest Garden. Here, you will find everything you need to market your new sustainable and social impacts.


You will also gain access to our Net Zero Framework, which allows you to review, plan and set actions in 9 key programme areas that will ultimately take your business to net-zero.


Taking steps to become more sustainable now will keep you ahead of not only growing demand from employees and customers but also incoming green legislation. 


Companies that adopt early will gain more opportunities, and our hospitality offerings provide a simple and cost-effective way to start.

“Sustainability has gone from a nice to have to a must do for businesses globally and hospitality is no different. Play It Green designed our hospitality initiative to be simple, impactful, and provide our members with a ready made sustainability solution.”

Richard Dickson, Co-founder, Play it Green

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