It’s time to replace Cling Film

Did you know that every year, households in the UK use more than 1.2 billion metres of Cling Film?


This is equal to 745,000 miles of cling film – enough to travel around the world 30 times!


Cling film is terribly hard to recycle, and information about where its various forms can be recycled is scant.


This means the vast majority of it ends up in landfills, where it takes hundreds of years to decay.


There is also a risk of leaching contaminants into groundwater.


Cling film that ends up in the water, like plastic bags, is easily mistaken for jellyfish by aquatic mammals, choking turtles and other species that consume it.



Nurdles found contaminating beaches

Nurdles found contaminating beaches



Cling Film is made of nurdles (tiny plastic pellets) that are melted and combined with chemicals.


Because of the small size of Nurdles and the shipping and processing processes used, millions of these pellets are strewn around in factories each year.


These pellets are often flushed down storm drains and end up in the sea.


Nurdles mimic fish eggs and are often consumed by aquatic animals and birds, causing damage.


Toxins then join the food chain as a result of the plastic left in their stomachs.


Wax Wraps can replace Cling Film

Wax Wraps can replace Cling Film


Wax Wraps


There is a readily available, sustainable alternative, that leaves no waste and is reusable.


They are called organic beeswax wraps.


Beeswax wraps are a great eco-friendly alternative to cling film and single-use recycled food wrapping.


Sandwiches and cheese can be wrapped, bowls and dishes can be covered, and berries and nuts can be folded into pouches.


These flexible, solid, and long-lasting wraps can last about a year, and when they're no longer useful, simply bury them in the garden to biodegrade naturally.


Beeswax wraps come in lots of different designs to suit your kitchen or taste!


If you head over to our friends at Bee Green Wraps and use PLAYITGREEN15 at check out you can take advantage of 15% off your order and free delivery on orders over £20.


That’s it for this week’s tip, another step to a more sustainable future.


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