Introducing Sustainability Tips for Business

Play it Green is excited to announce the release of sustainability tips for business!

All Play it Green members, including every employee signed up through our Climate Positive Workforce programme, currently receives regular tips on how they as an individual can reduce their carbon footprint.

However, when compared to businesses as a whole, the role of individuals and families in the climate crisis is relatively small. For this reason, businesses have a social and moral responsibility to do more for the environment.

Moreover, as the demand for sustainable practices grows, businesses need to adapt in order to reach new customers, attract the best employees, grow, and thrive.

Businesses signed up to Play it Green have already taken their first step, but we felt the need to do more to help them on their journey.

Our sustainability tips for business will be released every two weeks starting next Monday and feature simple steps you can take to make your workplace more sustainable and lower your business’ carbon footprint.

These tips will also give you access to exclusive discount codes on sustainable products and services to help make going green more accessible for your business.

The road to net-zero can seem long, difficult, and expensive, but Play it Green is dedicated to helping every business get there through simple and effective steps.

We hope that these new tips will pave the way, and help make your sustainability journey that much easier.

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