How The Sports Industry is Embracing Sustainability

Golf, football and Athletics are just some of the major sports now embracing sustainability and recognising its role in securing a brighter future for the planet. 


Sports have always played a major role in our society, bringing people together across the globe. Now, the sports industry has a responsibility to use its influence to help repair the planet, and inspire others to do the same. Play It Green looks to work with sporting bodies to enhance their sustainability credentials, educate and deliver action that works for both their business and the planet.  


England Golf just last week published its new sustainability plan pledging to lead and inspire the golfing community in vital efforts to protect and preserve the environment.


As the national governing body for the club and amateur game in this country, England Golf will take a leading role in engaging and educating golfers, clubs, counties and stakeholders on the benefits of embracing sustainable methods.


With 8.4 million golfers in England – 2.4 million of whom consider themselves to be regular participants – there is real value in delivering a strong message on sustainability directly to a large and growing audience of players.


And golf isn’t the only sport that’s changing. FIFA President Gianna Infantino recently released a video message on raising a “Green Card for the Planet” to increase awareness about environmental conservation ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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“As FIFA President, and today, on World Environment Day, I’m asking everyone who loves football and who cares about the environment, to raise FIFA’s Green Card for the Planet,” Infantino said in his video message. Adding, “FIFA is playing its part, with our aim to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 carbon neutral.”


He further called on people to follow suit in ‘raising’ the FIFA Green Card for the Planet by recording a short message to explain what they will do to preserve the environment and save the planet.


This follows previous assurances from both FIFA and Qatar in previous months that the 2022 tournament will be “carbon neutral”, pointing towards sustainable stadiums, lack of need for flights to match venues, as well as green public transportation.


FIFA also released its Climate Strategy last November at COP26, reiterating its commitment to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change’s Sports for Climate Action Framework, which includes a goal of cutting emissions by half by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2040.


The Swedish Athletic Association also marked World Environment Day by becoming the fourth national athletics federation to join World Athletics as a signatory of the UN Sports Framework, underscoring the sport’s commitment to the fight against climate change.


“The Swedish Athletic Federation has already illustrated a strong commitment to the principles of the Framework with its efforts and initiatives at past events,” said World Athletics President Sebastian Coe. “Their partnership will be critical as our sport continues to build momentum in the battle against climate change.”

Chris Thair, Play It Green CEO welcomed the news “This is exciting news for the sports sector, embracing action towards a brighter future for the planet and its people. The reasoning will also be strategic and commercial as this helps engage new markets, new partners and will support their growth strategy.


“We have a full suite of support for the sporting bodies including education, impact and engagement initiatives that deliver upon the five principles in the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework”. 

Here at Play it Green we recognise the power sports athletes, clubs, and organisations can have in not only reducing their own environmental impact, but inspiring others to do the same.


That’s why we partner with those in the sports industry to help them on their sustainability journey. Our pack and platform allow them to engage both new and existing fans whilst leaving a true legacy for the planet.


We can help make any athlete, club, or organisation climate positive through our 3-step solution of Reduce, Repair, Regive. This means that we will aid them in reducing their footprint through weekly tips, our Net Zero Framework, and access to our network of sustainability efforts.


Enough trees are also planted to rebalance the carbon footprint of either an individual athlete, a club, an organisation’s workforce, or the organisation itself. On top of that, 10% of all funds raised in their Forest Garden can go towards their own youth and community programmes.


We also give clubs the option to run environmentally-themed match days at absolutely no cost to them. This encourages fans and sponsors to reduce their impact and plant trees to reach a set target, and gives the club the opportunity to grow its profile, revenues, and begin the journey to Net-Zero.


All of this comes with marketing support to help clubs make the most out of their efforts, and our entire sports programme is designed to help clubs reach all 5 directives of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework.

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