How Our Polish Members are Supporting Ukraine

Undoubtedly by now, you have heard about the horrific situation in Ukraine.


Many of us around the world are following the news with shock and horror, but it’s also important to remember all of the people out there still doing good.


Hearing from some of our members in Poland, we wanted to share their stories with you to give hope and shine a spotlight on how people can come together during troubled times.

Graeme Warnell of GW Environmental Consulting

“We live four hours from the Poland-Ukraine border and what I am seeing in terms of the refugee crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine is unprecedented in my lifetime. 


To help, we have opened our house to refugees needing rest, warmth, and a reminder that humanity still exists. My 12-year-old daughter has given up her room so that we can accommodate up to four people at a time.


Recently we received Elena and her 2-year-old son Max. They were exhausted when they arrived, having travelled for 2 days on a bus from Vinnytsia. Their entire life was packed into one suitcase and a sports bag. Elena and Max are trying to get to friends in Rostok, Germany.


We provided clean beds, food and friendship. Max was able to play with my daughters like a normal child should be able to play. We have helped Elena and Max with their onward journey giving Max colouring pens, paper and some small toys. When it was time for them to continue their journey Max was crying, he did not want to leave another home again.


We made sure Elena had enough money for her journey with Max and our colleagues got her onto the right train. I am pleased to say Elena and Max are now safe in Rostok, Germany.


We are now waiting for our next refugees, an 80 years old grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter who are trying to get away from Lutsk, if they are unable to get on transport we will drive to the border and collect them.


We have also posted our address on Linked In should any of the wonderful British people who are driving essential supplies over in their cars and vans need somewhere to rest, have a shower and a good meal before the long trip back. 


As a family, we want to keep providing this service. We want to be here for those who need help. We want to make sure we do everything we can to help them on their quest for safety and respite.”

Łukasz Jędrzejczyk from Evobot 2.0

“My wife and I have prepared a place but in our town, all of the refugees are being hosted by the local officials and their offices. Our place is ready for refugees though.


I have met a Ukrainian family two days ago at the gas station and offered them our help (place, food, money). But they refused it as big cities are their destination. We live in a small town in the north, it’s expected that people from Ukraine will be coming here in the following days.


In the meantime, we prepared many boxes with food, clothes and blankets. Each local community prepared its own collection point, where each of us can share our belongings that will be shipped to Ukraine.


I will keep you posted on the situation here #standwithukraine”

Play it Green Co-founder and CEO, Chris Thair said, “Speaking to Lukasz and Greame in this last week I thought it important these stories are heard during these troubled times to provide hope and a spotlight on those doing so much good. 


Caring for people has always been important to Play It Green and that is why we are unique as a company by making the decision to pass on 10% revenues to good causes of the member’s choice.


Togetherness is one of our core values and it is heartening to see the actions being taken in my own neighbourhood, by our members in Poland and everyone across Europe doing what they can to support the people of Ukraine. There is a lot of good in humanity and we hope the situation in Ukraine ends soon.”

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