Held By Trees Release Planet-Friendly Merch

Held by Trees, launched their Climate Positive Album ‘Solace’ in partnership with Play it Green, and have now introduced an incredible selection of merchandise which will help make an even bigger positive environmental impact.

Held By Trees is a new instrumental project bringing together veteran musicians from the stables of TalkTalk, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Blur. Their debut album Solace, which celebrates the natural world with its sound and imagery, was made Climate Positive in partnership with Play it Green.


Their new range of merch is to include t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and tea towels in a variety of colours and sizes. As part of their partnership with Play it Green up to 10 trees will be planted for each item sold.


The trees are planted in Madagascar, helping to restore one of Earth’s most vital ecosystems and supporting the local communities who are employed to plant them. This means they can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and medicine, whilst protecting the forests for life.

hoodies from behind, one white and one pink, both with held by trees logos on

Held by Trees lead David Joseph said on the new launch:


“Working with Skull Print has been a perfect fit (pun intended) for Held By Trees, as their ethical stance is directly in line with our desire to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


Dove-tailing with Play It Green and legendary designer James Marsh has created a dream team where more trees can be planted. It honestly feels so good to be working with such forward-thinking people who want to make a difference with creative projects like ours.”

Matt Burton, Global Head of Business Development at Play it Green, added:


“We are delighted to continue our partnership with HBT, who remain committed to making a difference to sustainability and the environment. Following their incredibly successful album release, we wish them every success with their merchandise range and look forward to working with them for many years to come”

tote bag shown from both sides, one with held by trees logo and other with Climate Positive Music badge

The new Held by Trees merch is being produced and sold by Skullprint, who have been committed to an ethical approach in merchandising for around four years.


Skullprint use organic cotton tees sourced from trusted manufacturers with a proven Modern Slavery Statement and a clear commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. On top of that, their printer uses minimal energy and water-based inks that have zero impact on the environment and can be washed down any drain.


Skullprint is a zero-waste business. If by chance any items are defective, they are either repurposed or donated. They also give away their empty boxes.


You can buy Held by Trees’ album Solace here, or click here to check out their new merch.

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