Great News about UK Green Energy

In this week’s article, there is some record-breaking news about Green Energy in the UK!


The UK is committed to Net Zero and a big part of this commitment is the transition to Green/renewable Energy by utilising natural sustainable resources such as solar, wave and wind energy!


Earlier this month, Britain’s wind farms set a new clean energy record, generating almost half the energy demand of the whole UK!


A little over 17.6 gigawatts (GW) of electricity was generated by offshore and onshore wind turbines for the first time during the day (3.30pm).


This is enough to power an incredible 3.5 million kettles, which is a lot of cups of tea!


That number of gigawatts generated was close to half (48.5%) of the electricity needed at the time, in England, Scotland and Wales.


These figures are backed up by data from the UK’s National Grid operator National Grid ESO, and beat the previous record of 17.5GW set on 13 February.

wind turbine uk

The amount of energy supplied by wind beat the contributions made by gas plants, nuclear reactors and biomass burners combined.


The total amount of energy supplied by these sources in was, 30.4% for gas power, 14.9% for nuclear and 7.2% for biomass.


Wind power over the last 12 months has generated 35.2% of the country’s energy requirement which is something to be pleased about.


With renewable energy becoming an increasing part of the UK energy grid, more wind farms are being built in the UK with a focus on coastal areas.


Part of the UK Government’s strategy is to produce at least 40GW of power through offshore wind by as early as 2030 in a bid to achieve the global effort for Net Zero by 2050.

The Energy Industry body, RenewableUK’s deputy CEO said:


‘On a wet and unseasonably cold May bank holiday, Britain’s wind farms generated a record amount of clean power just when we needed it most to stay warm and dry.


The UK’s healthy pipeline of wind energy projects set to be built onshore and offshore will help us to reach the Government’s target of net-zero emissions as fast as possible.’


Great news all around!


‘I was really pleased to hear this news.


Energy consumption has always been one of the greatest causes of climate change and with a transition to green energy, we are moving away from a none sustainable economy.


Everyone can now make a difference by switching to sustainable energy suppliers such as Ovo or Bulb’.


Richard Dickson – Cofounder, Play It Green.


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