Five easy ways to live a more sustainable life

Sustainability is a must to help with climate change, but making huge changes in your life can be difficult, which is why Play It Green will produce weekly tips to give you simple changes that over time will make a huge difference to your contribution to our planet.

To get things started, here are five easy ways to live a more sustainable life and Play It Green!

Compost - Organic waste belongs in compost bins, not landfills. Did you know that, years if you put a head of lettuce into landfill the decomposition can take up to 25 years. However if you compost a head of lettuce it decomposes in a matter of months. If composting is too scary for you, look for a neighbour or close friend who has a composting bin!

Sustainable wooden composting bin

Switch to reusable produce bags – Plastic produce bags that are supplied in supermarkets are TERRIBLE for the environment. Here at Play It Green we suggest investing in reusable produce bags that. You can save hundreds of plastic bags entering the environment by switching to this reusable product and save money too!

Reusable produce bags

Ditch disposable razors – plastic razors are awful for the environment and often are not recyclable, entering landfill and eventually the ecosystem. At Play It Green we have switched to a metal safety razor, which itself is recyclable and then we buy metal blades which reduces waste and are recyclable. You will also save money as a pack of 10 safety blades costs around the same as one plastic disposable razor.

Metal Safety RazorDescription automatically generated

Focus on what you already have – Rather than buying new things, which generates waste, focus on what you have. For example getting a good life out of your water bottle or fixing clothes instead of replacing them. In a society where ‘consumption’ is encouraged, we create more waste than ever. This is one of the most sustainable things you can do and you will be doing your bit for the planet and have more money in your pocket.

Switch to sustainable beauty products – traditional beauty products come in plastic bottles and containers and include huge amounts of wasteful packaging. If you want to do your bit and Play It Green, you can switch to shampoo bars, and traditional soap rather than pump action containers. Buy toothpaste that doesn’t come in an unnecessary cardboard box and do your bit to help the planet, reduce waste and Play It Green!

Shampoo bars

Do you want to Play It Green, live a climate positive life, give to good causes and receive weekly tips and access to discounted sustainable products and services? If you want to take your next step to a more sustainable future, please, click here to join the growing global movement.

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