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Education for Sustainable Development allows every child to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.

United Nations Environment

Sustainability education is important to ensure that our children, the decision-makers and leaders of the future, will make environmentally friendly decisions once it’s their turn to take the reins of power. 


It’s especially powerful when schools don’t just teach sustainability but integrate it into daily school life (United Nations Environment).


By becoming a Play It Green school, your school can…

How it Works

We wish to make it as easy as possible for you to implement this so everything can be done from your phone, at no cost and create a huge impact. 


Sign up today completely free of charge to receive your own bespoke webpage we call a Forest Garden. This serves numerous functions, see below, and becomes the focal point of your fundraising campaign. 


From your Forest Garden you may download your support pack which contains everything you need to plan and run your campaign. Money handling is kept to a minimum as all the purchases go through your online Forest Garden removing risk and the need for a money collection point.  

Forest Garden

Personalise this bespoke members webpage to suit your needs, upload photos and download support packs.


Your forest garden shows how many trees have been planted and resulting CO2 removed from the atmosphere. Your Forest Garden has lots of great features: 

We will also be appointing a children’s council in our second year – a council of 12 children who will help govern the future strategy of Play It Green and we hope, find solutions for the future. After all, everything we do is for them, so they should have a say in it.


Play It Green was set up to provides Schools with a simple and cost effective way to be more sustainable, do good and raise funds to plant trees and rewild, all whilst educating and engaging pupils about the climate emergency we find our planet in.


With our values of openness, togetherness and being customer led, our platform is designed with those in mind.


By putting purpose first, we empower anyone who joins us to leave a lasting legacy that will not only benefit the planet but our themselves.


Help create the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders whilst engaging their family and friends in sustainability through weekly tips and challenges.


The team at Play It Green have years of experience and are driven help you take the next step to save the planet and have fun whilst doing it!

The purpose of this pack is to make it as easy as possible to implement the initiative for whoever is driving it. The pack contains: 


– Fundraising pack – sponsor forms, explanation letters 


– Template letter to students / parents 


– Template letter to teachers (internal comms)


– Photos


– Educational Resources to engage, enthuse and educate pupils: Climate Change, The Science behind how trees help, the United Nations “Sustainability Development Goals” etc. 


– Media Guidance and templates on how to promote. 


– Education on how to be more sustainable as a school and other Play It Green Offers 


In the near future we will produce a short promotional video so young people can be enthused to fundraise and understand what they are doing. 

Given the importance of climate change, resource scarcity and alternative energy sources, sustainability has become a critical issue. But sustainability isn’t just about what big industries, corporations, and governments do to achieve environmental sustainability; it’s also about the decisions everyone makes to reduce their footprint in the world.


When you get older and get used to lifestyles that may no longer be sustainable, these lifestyle choices are difficult to make. Therefore, it is important to instil this way of thinking into people at an early age. With this in mind, schools must start focusing on sustainability, not only to reduce their footprint and save energy, but also to set an example for students to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Many of us grow up thinking about simple things like turning off lights when not in use, or sorting our trash!


However, it’s now recommended to get rid of plastic completely, use reusable utensils and food containers, or disconnect appliances when you’re not using them, as they still consume some electricity.


While these methods may not always find their way home, Play It Green has introduced an educational program to help students make these decisions. This helps put us at the forefront of educating children about new, eco-friendly ways to live. 


This kind of sustainability education is important to ensure that our children, future leaders that they are, make green decisions when it’s their turn to take over.


It is especially effective when schools not only teach sustainability, but also incorporate it into every day practice.

We take the average statistics produced scientist for each country (it varies hugely) and then offer a tree planting package that will more than offset the calculated footprints.

We understand people have different footprints, which is why we offer a number of packages to suit the person.


Teacher Package


  • Create a Carbon Positive Teaching Community
  • £5 / standard teacher per month – For each teacher it offsets their entire carbon footprint plus up to 7500 miles or 3 short haul flights per year
  • £10 / traveller teacher per month – For each person it offsets the entire carbon footprint plus up to 35,000 miles or 12 short or 4 long haul flights per year

You can see the science behind things on our science page.

At Play It Green we have kept things simple as it is so much easier to scale our (and your) impact this way.


That being said, if you want to have a granular analysis and calculate the exact footprint of your entire school, not just your teaching group, and offset that, we have some great partners that can make that happen.


Just get in touch with us via your Forest Garden chat box or email us at and we can arrange for our expert associates to get in touch.

We publish all our purchase orders and receipts for trees planted with our planting partner and they undergo regular audits which we publish links to as they become available.


The fact that our tree planting partner is trusted by global brands and like us is a member of the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, speaks for itself.


Our tree planting partner is also independently audited to Gold Standard Certification.

In effect all the money we take in some form or other goes towards climate action.


We have put purpose before profit, which is why we charge so little for the trees we plant (unlike many other companies).


We also give 10% of turnover to back to the school to support it financially in a positive way, before profit has even been calculated.


Finally, at least 50% of the profit we make is invested in sustainable innovation to speed up the time it takes to end climate change.

As your school is likely to benefit from promotion due to membership with Play It Green, our expert advisors believe that the money spent should be a tax deductible expense for most businesses that trade.


However, if you are unsure, we recommend that you speak with your school’s financial advisor to double check.


The money raised by fund raising has no taxable element meaning that every 50p donated a tree is planted and 5p returned to the school for its cause.

Simply click the Sign Up button to the right of this.


You can sign up for free to campaign and educate and if you want to offset the teaching team’s footprint simply sign up with the business option and select the number of teachers and whether they are heavy or light travellers.


That’s how simple it is to take your next step to a more sustainable future.

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