Earth Month: Invest in Nature

This Friday will be Earth Day, and with how much we talk about living more sustainably, this day gives us time to think about why.


The simplest and most obvious answer is that the planet Earth is our home. We don’t have another one, and we need to preserve it for our own sakes.


It’s easy, however, to think of all the bad things that will happen as the climate gets worse. That is, animals going extinct, famines and droughts, and general climate calamity.


Yet, the problem with this is that it can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, and helplessness, all of which get in the way of taking real action.


Instead, it can be more inspiring to think about what we’re protecting and investing in what we already have. So, how can we do that?

Climate action can start as simply as appreciating the world around you. Now, with spring approaching, it’s the perfect time to begin to do so.


No matter where you live, even if it’s in a city, nature is all around you and has been shown to improve both our physical and mental health. Why not take a walk outside or pick up an outdoor hobby as the weather gets warmer?


Once we start appreciating nature, we often feel more inspired to do something to protect and preserve it, and that’s one of the best ways we can invest in our future.


As we have talked about before, ecosystems themselves play a huge role in regulating our climate, already absorbing about half of all manmade carbon emissions. They don’t only help reduce how much our climate changes, but can also protect us against its effects.


Take mangroves as one example, one of the types of trees we plant at Play it Green.

Mangroves, like all trees, absorb carbon from our atmosphere, but their ecosystems also guard coastal communities against extreme weather events. They provide a means for people to make a living, and they are a home for many important species.


The best part? All of this already exists in our world today. Unlike renewables, or carbon capture technology, or electric cars, restoring and conserving nature is the best and most cost-effective ally in our fight against climate change.


It’s up to us to recognise its value and invest in nature to protect our future.

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