Earth Day 2021

Did you know that Earth Day is a celebration held every year on April 22 to show support for environmental conservation?


It began in 1970 and has since grown to encompass a diverse variety of activities organised annually by EARTHDAY.ORG, involving over a billion people across 193 countries.


At a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco in 1969, peace activist John McConnell suggested a day to celebrate the Earth and the philosophy of peace.


McConnell’s idea was brought to life and Earth Day was celebrated for the first time on March 21, 1970, the northern hemisphere’s first day of spring.


On Earth Day 2016, the United States, China, and over 120 other countries signed the historic Paris Agreement.


This landmark agreement is a climate protection treaty, which was ratified by the 195 countries present at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.


‘Restore Our Earth’ is the theme chosen by EARTHDAY.ORG for Earth Day 2021.


It focuses on natural processes, new green technology, and creative thinking to help restore the world’s ecosystems.


In this way, the theme refutes the idea that climate change can only be addressed by prevention or adaptation.


‘I love this year’s Earth Day theme. It is something we hold dear at Play It Green, which is why we don’t just help restore the planet’s ecosystem through reforestation.


We also help show people how easy and unobtrusive living sustainably can be.


With weekly tips, discounts on sustainable products and monthly challenges, our members have both an instant and lasting impact.


As a business, we also invest 50% of all our profit in new green technology through our partnership with the Green Tech Alliance.


It is up to each of us to ‘Restore Our Earth’ not just because we care about our planet, but because we live on it.’


Richard Dickson – Co-Founder, Play It Green.


To celebrate Earth Day 2021, Play It Green will plant an extra month’s trees for anyone and everyone who signs up from today until the end of this month!


Just use voucher code EARTHDAY21 at check out and we will plant an extra month’s trees for you, for free.


Simply click the button below and take your next step to a more sustainable future!


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