Care for Your Teeth and The Planet – Weekly Tip 49

Our impact on the environment often comes from small, everyday activities that build up.


Take brushing your teeth, for example. You do it twice every single day, and, as such, you likely go through quite a lot of toothpaste (about one tube a month for the average person!)


All of those little plastic tubes have to end up somewhere. Worldwide 1.5 billion of them are thrown away each year. The U.K. alone is responsible for the disposal of 300 million tubes a year.


Obviously, toothpaste is a necessity, but if we reduced the number of plastic tubes used by just 1 million, it would create the same amount of CO2 reduction as planting 25,000 trees.

Plastic, of course, is the main issue here, and since toothpaste tubes need a layer of aluminium on the inside to keep the toothpaste fresh, they often can’t be recycled.


Even if they could be made recyclable, plastic in the bathroom is notorious for being put in the wrong bin. Often, it’s simply just more convenient not to.


This means it ends up in landfills and, eventually, our oceans where they stay, taking hundreds of years to decay, causing severe damage to marine ecosystems.


This is before even considering any of the components inside the tube.

The chemicals inside toothpaste, which are washed down the drain, can have their own damaging effects on the environment. Triclosan, for example, kills bacteria and so is excellent for toothpaste. However, it can disrupt the hormones and growth of marine animals and bacteria.


Toothpaste can often also contain microplastics, tiny bits of plastic that are then consumed by fish and other sea animals. This can cause serious damage to ocean ecosystems has a massive effect on the food chain and, eventually, human health.


The solution? Smyle toothpaste ‘tabs’; the better choice for your teeth and the planet.

Simply crush them in your mouth and brush your teeth like you normally would! The tabs are made from entirely natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and peppermint, all sourced sustainability, of course.


On top of that, they use glass storage bottles that are much nicer to display in your home and much better for the environment; not only do they last forever, but they can also be recycled.


Once you’ve run out or are just running low, there’s no need to buy another, either. You can simply fill up your storage bottle with Smyle’s compostable paper sachet refill packs.


The delivery is sustainable too, with the Tabs travelling in recyclable paper packaging. Because they are so small and light, they can be delivered by regular mail, which is less CO2-intensive. They even offset all of the emissions from their distribution activities!


Special Offer: If you head over to their website now, you can try your first 14 days of toothpaste tabs absolutely free. You can also take advantage of a special discount using code PLAY15 at check out.

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