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Cleaning is a necessary task, yet it doesn’t need to have such a devastating impact on our environment.


From the chemicals inside to the greenhouse gases released during their products, cleaning products are harming nature, and it’s up to all of us to make better choices about what we use.


The major concern is how certain chemicals will affect the environment, especially as through domestic and commercial cleaning, the U.K. alone pours more than 1,000,000 litres of harmful products into drains, sewers, and soakaways.


They can then end up entering the food chain, being ingested by aquatic creatures and then eventually by us. This can be seriously damaging to our health, causing cancer and birth defects, among others.


Some of these chemicals are known as ‘bioaccumulative’, meaning that they leave small traces than can build up in the body over time. This means that even small amounts of regular exposure can have serious consequences.


The extent of this problem is enormous, and businesses can play a large part in that.

Thankfully, that means you can also help be a part of the solution simply by choosing to go greener with your cleaning products and procedures.


Of course, this is easier said than done, and it can be difficult knowing where to start or what harm you’re even doing in the first place!


That’s why Play it Green would love to introduce you to GW Environmental Consulting.


Founded by Graeme Warnell in 2016, GW Environmental now helps to educate businesses on the risks associated with chemical cleaning products and provides cost-effective, innovative nature-based alternatives. GW Environmental still work closely with the oil and gas sector but this time helping them to eradicate the risk and impact of hydrocarbon contamination wherever it may occur both now and for the future


They provide a completely free service where they will review of your businesses’ products and procedures that may be causing harm to the environment and then recommend alternative nature-based products that prevent pollution, contribute to carbon footprint reduction, and create a safer workplace for everyone.

To help society reduce the devastating impact toxic chemicals have on our planet, GW Environmental has also developed a range of highly effective, non-chemical cleaning products that actually give something back to the environment.


Their product range covers everything from daily cleaning and housekeeping through to oil spill management and remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated ground.


“We have helped petrol retailers, hotels and restaurants, shipping companies, food processing plants, facilities management companies and even airports. In fact, there are very few businesses that are not using harmful products,” Warnell said.


Visit their website to find out more, or you can reach out directly at

Choosing greener products and services to use can be difficult for any business. That’s why Play it Green support our business members by providing them with our free Net Zero Framework and regular tips to lower their footprint.


The Framework allows businesses to plan and action improvement within nine key areas that will eventually help them reach Net Zero; Governance, Energy and Emissions, Food, Procurement, Transportation, Venue, Resource Use and Waste, Water, and Projects and Workforce.


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