Boris Dyes Hair Green for Climate Change

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dyed his famous blonde locks green and vowed his hair will stay green until the United Kingdom reaches its climate change targets.

The UK aims to be net-zero by 2050 and in November will host the UN Climate Conference, COP26, in Glasgow. So the new hairstyle may be in place for a few decades.

Sources close to Downing Street said “Boris is committed to the fight against Climate Change however I am surprised he has resorted to such a basic publicity stunt. This is very unlike him.

“The UK remains committed to fighting climate change and following the recent announcement that new cars fuelled by petrol and diesel cannot be sold from 2030 onwards, we only envisage more green legislation in the future. At this stage, we cannot rule out making it mandatory for all citizens to dye their green to mark this famous day”.

Play It Green CEO Chris Thair said “I congratulate Boris on dying his hair green and highlighting the most important issue of our time, climate change. Sadly due to my father’s genetics, I no longer have enough hair on my head to use a hair dye.

Thair continued “Play It Green will continue to help people and businesses become greener through planting trees and lowering carbon footprints by providing more sustainable choices. We wish to make it as simple and cost-effective as possible for people to take that next step to a more sustainable future".


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