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Benefits to Individuals & Families

You recycle, use bags for life and would like to do more for the planet. Well, now you can in a simple and affordable way by signing up to Play It Green.


Sign up to have an immediate impact, feel empowered to lower your carbon footprint, and engage others in your journey. All from £1.25 a week. 

Every Play It Green Product & Service Always Delivers Upon 

Our 3 Step Solution to Climate Change 


                    the planet and rebalance footprints by planting trees.


                       footprints through weekly tips, support and discounts.


                      as 10% of all revenues go to a good cause of your choice.


Individual Silver Subscription

In return for £5 a month we:

Plant 13 trees per month, enough to rebalance your carbon footprint of your personal life & 7500 work miles.


Send you a sustainability tip, great articles and discounts every Friday to help lower your carbon footprint. 


Pass on 10% of this to a good cause of your choice to ensure you make a social and environmental impact. 


Provide you with your very own Forest Garden to keep track of the trees and engage others into doing more.

Individual Gold or Platinum Subscription

For those that travel more or can afford to do more:

The £10 per month Gold subscription plants 26 trees a month offsetting your personal life and 35,000+ of work miles  car or 12 short haul flights.


The £15 per month Platinum subscription plants 39 trees a month, offsetting your personal life plus 100,000+ car miles or 34 short haul flights.


In both packages you receive your weekly sustainability tip and discount, a Forest Garden and 10% will always go to your chosen good cause.

Family Subscription

Sign up your partner, kids and pets. 

The whole family can have an impact with Play it Green; sign up another adult for an additional £5 per month.


Since children have a smaller impact, you can sign them up for only £2.50 a month which plants 7 trees.


Even your pets can get involved! Sign them up for only £1.25 per month which plants 3 trees for your furry friend.

Make an Immediate Impact

Be a part of the movement against climate change and help create a better future for us and our children.

Engage Others

We give you the tools to share your sustainability efforts, helping others to become aware of and reduce their impact.

Feel Empowered

Knowing you are having a positive impact can reduce feelings of eco-anxiety and make you feel good about your efforts.

Benefits Every Sign Up Receives

Create a Forest Garden

Every sign up receives their own Forest Garden page that can be personalised to include your name, logo, website, message and pictures. 


The Forest Garden allows you to keep track of the trees planted, CO2 offset and can be shared with others. 


Campaigns can be started from here and through the “Plant More Trees” button, it allows anyone to plant more trees and provide more funds to your good cause. 


The download section in every Forest Garden provides you with numerous marketing and net zero tools. 

Instantly Make an Environmental and Social Impact

Native trees are currently planted across 3 sites in Madagascar through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects and bring benefit to the land its people.  


Employment means families can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. We plant trees were they are needed the most, using science-based planting. 


10% of all the money your raise is given to good causes before profit is calculated. 


For our subscription member 13 trees as a minimum are planted each month (or 50p per tree for our fundraising members).


We will also invest profit in sustainable innovation  across the globe, through our partnership with the Green Tech Alliance, to help speed up finding climate solutions.


Profit will also be put into redeveloping the Play It Green ecosystem, as directed by our members forum to make the experience as enjoyable and beneficial as possible, for you.


Transparency and trust are two of the core values at Play It Green. They are part of our responsibility of putting your money to the best use possible. For those who are interested, we’ll be publishing financial reports on this site along with receipts and purchase orders for our trees. We will also publish membership details, so you can see we are doing what we say we are!

Just planting trees WILL NO LONGER BE ENOUGH to stop climate change. By planting trees, we are lengthening the time we have left before the damage from climate change is irreversible. 


Trees also help provide lost habitat for endangered species, an economy for aid reliant communities and help the weather systems return to how they should be.


To stop climate change we need to change our behaviour and live more sustainably.


That’s why Play It Green have teamed up with sustainable products, brands and services to provide you with education on how to reduce your footprint and gain access to choices that will help the planet.


Not only that but we will use the profit we generate to invest in sustainable innovation to find new solutions to make our future certain.


We can’t do it alone, but together as one global community, we can stop climate change and save the planet!

We have partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project one of the world’s biggest and most trusted tree planting and biodiversity restoration organisations.


They work directly with local aid reliant communities paying them to grow, plant and protect the trees you plant.


Having already planted over 400,000,000 trees and with 172 sites around 8 countries, The Eden Project are synonymous with secure and accurate planting reporting and are trusted by many global brands.


We receive planting reports from the team at Eden and will be making these reports available on our governance page of the website!

In short, we are neither as the management team decided that neither of these models work for how we see business should be run.


Play It Green put people and purpose before profit, but profit is necessary to grow and make our impact global so decided to be a limited company. 


We don’t think profit should be there to line the pockets of shareholders, but to help the company grow and do more good. This has been called conscious capitalism and we’d tend to agree.


Openness is a key value so we will publish accounts, board meeting minutes, purchase receipts, donation receipts and membership sign-ups will be shared openly – trust is paramount!


Our profit will also be used to help grow sustainable innovation through investment in cutting edge sustainability research and tech through our partnership with the Green Tech Alliance

We publish all our purchase orders and receipts for trees planted with our planting partner and they undergo regular audits which we publish links to as they become available.


The fact that our tree planting partner is trusted by global brands and like us is a member of the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, speaks for itself.


The trees are also planted under Gold Standard conditions, meaning they will be protected and looked after in perpetuity.

It’s likely that your carbon footprint is way beyond the targets set for stopping a climate catastrophe. Even if your food is plant-based, local and in season, there’s a carbon cost for almost anything you spend your money on.


The average Carbon Footprint for an adult in the UK is over 9 tonnes!


At Play It Green we will help you offset your footprint to have an immediate impact and understand how to reduce it and we’ll help kickstart your journey to low carbon living.

That depends on the subscription you decide to take.



Individual Silver 1 Extra 7500 car miles or 3 short-haul flights


Individual Gold  2 Extra 35,000 car miles or 14 short (or 4 long) haul flights


Ind’ Platinum 3 Extra 100000 car miles or 27 short (or 8 long) haul flights


Family  1 Extra 7500 car miles or 1 short-haul family flight

There is no need to call us, simply head over to the business sign up page on our site and you can see all the benefits to your business and be up and running in under two minutes, on the road to making your business climate positive! How good is that!

You can choose the subscription that is right for your lifestyle, but included in each subscription is:


Trees planted every month to offset your footprint and create an economy for aid reliant communities.


Access to sustainable products and choices to reduce your footprint (and save money).


Education on how to reduce your footprint even more.


A donation to a good cause of your choice.


An online ‘Forest Garden’ to show your impact.


Social media tools to promote your good work.


Rewards for achieving offset and reduction targets.

In a word…no.


We also offer a fundraising platform for schools, sports clubs, business and individuals to fund raise to plant trees and give to good causes.


This can be done alongside your subscription or instead of a subscription.


We offer marketing tools to get the best out of your campaign and you still get your own personal forest garden to track your campaigns on.


Feel great, do your bit and get inspired. Join us and make the world a better place!

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