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Play It Green has developed a number of products and services to help drive your sustainability agenda, reach net zero and improve your marketing capabilities


Every Play It Green Product & Service Always Delivers Upon 

Our 3 Step Solution to Climate Change

3 Step Climate solution


                         footprints through weekly tips, support and discounts.


                      the planet and rebalance footprints by planting trees.


                       as 10% of all revenues go to a good cause of your choice.

Helping you make an instant Environmental & Social Impact whilst on being supported to lower your Carbon Footprint

Our Main Offers

Climate Positive Workforce

climate positive workforce badge, bright green square with white letters reading climate positive workforce above Play it Green logo

In return for £5 per employee per month we:

Plant 13 trees per person per month, instantly rebalancing their personal carbon footprint


Send a sustainability tip every Friday to your entire team with a tip, discount and articles to educate, drive behaviour change and lower carbon footprints


Pass on 10% of what you give to your named good cause 


Provide your company with its own Forest Garden to keep track of your environmental & social impact and access to a comprehensive download section full of marketing content and tools to get you to net zero. To get a Climate Positive Workforce you must sign up all FT employees

Plant a Tree and Enhance Your Proposition

Whatever your proposition, you can enhance it by making it climate positive, meaning trees are being planted, funds are going to a good cause and you get a raft of positive marketing material

1 tree costs 50p and 10% is given to your good cause

We have a range of badges and can make new ones to suit your proposition. Have this within the price or provide the option at purchase. Link it to one or more products. Run it as a sales promotion. Your choice! 

Your free Forest Garden page makes it easy to implement, allowing you to purchase trees whenever you need to 

Climate Positive Company

Make your company a Climate Positive one

Get a carbon footprint report for SECR scope 1, 2 or 3 through our partner Eaasi Carbon


Option to rebalance the historical and current company emissions to become carbon neutral


Reduce your overall business carbon footprint moving forward by working with Play it Green’s Net Zero Framework, Green Energy, and access to a network of sustainability experts


Simply Subscribe

Take action but stay in budget

Like what you see but unsure on costs.

Business subscriptions start at £5 per month


Every £5 plants 13 trees, regifts 10% to your good cause and you still get all the benefits

Benefits to your Business

Great Marketing

Material for your social media, website and partnership work

Essential for todays consumers, partners and supply chains

Share your Forest Garden, download a raft of marketing support including promotional badges, template webpage and get a whole new story to tell

Support in Moving to Net Zero

The weekly tips and articles educate, promote discussion and create a culture change

Our Net Zero Framework helps you map our your companies journey

Carbon Footprint Reports that give you the data you need

Grow by Winning Tenders, Customers & New Audiences

Doing something green is now being demanded from consumers, supply chains, tenders and partners. This gives you the answers 


Demand and legislation will only increase, so start now


Stay relevant in the market place and use it as a tool to grow

Recruit and Retain the Best Staff

Stand out as an employer who is taking action 


Millennials and Gen Z’s will love this


Getting a Climate Positive Workforce is a great staff benefit 


Get Your Own Company Forest Garden

Every sign up receives their own Forest Garden page that can be personalised to include your company name, logo, website, message and pictures. See example



The Forest Garden allows you to keep track of the trees planted, CO2 offset and can be shared publicly 



The “Plant More Trees” button allows you or any member of the public to support your goals, meaning more trees being planted, funds to your good cause and action taken



The Forest Garden download section provides you with a raft of marketing and net zero tools.

Make an Instant Environmental and Social Impact

As everything we do is wrapped in our 3 step solution to climate change, the tree planting and gifting to good causes ensures your business is making an instant environmental and social impact whilst being supported to lower its carbon footprint

Native trees are planted across 3 sites in Madagascar through our partner Eden Reforestation, absorbing CO2 and bringing benefit to the planet and its people 


We plant trees where they are needed the most and the resulting employment means families can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing & medicine

By subscribing your business will be supporting 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals


You choose the good cause the 10% of revenues go to. If it is not on our list we will verify it in 14 days


Message from Co-Founder


“Many business owners believe that making the transition to sustainability is difficult, costly and has little benefit to them. That perception is simply not true…sustainability is now a must for business along with good governance and a positive social impact.


It is proven beyond doubt that companies who embrace these three areas and make them part of their culture, not only succeed but also grow.


Consumers and employees alike are demanding transparency along with a strong environmental policy combined with good governance.


With Play It Green’s network of experts and conscious business partners, we can help everyone achieve that goal and help all businesses take their next step to a more sustainable future”.

Richard Dickson 

Head of Engagement & Co-Founder Play It Green

Play It Green was set up to provide businesses with a simple and cost effective way to be more sustainable, do good and grow their brand, all whilst addressing the climate emergency we find our planet in.

With our values of openness, togetherness and being customer led, our platform is designed with those in mind.

By putting purpose first, we empower anyone who works with us to leave a lasting legacy that will not only benefit the planet but our members.

If our members take advantage of our discounted products and choices they can not only save the planet but increase their profit and market share.

The team at Play It Green have years of experience and are driven to save the planet and have fun whilst doing it!

A climate positive workforce means your organisation is planting enough trees which more than balances the carbon footprint of every staff member. 


This includes their personal and work life, so is a great staff perk and promotional tool for your business. 


A climate positive workforce is also one that is actively working to lower its footprint and reduce its impact on the planet.

We take the average statistics produced scientist for each country (it varies hugely) and then offer a tree planting package that will more than offset the calculated footprints.

We understand people have different footprints, which is why we offer a number of packages to suit the person.


Business Package

  • £5 / standard employee per month – For each person it offsets their entire carbon footprint including up to 7500 miles or 3 short haul flights per year.
  • £10 / big travelling employee per month – For each person it offsets the entire carbon footprint including up to 35,000 miles or 12 short or 4 long haul flights per year. 

You can see the science behind this on our science page.

At Play It Green we have kept things simple as it is so much easier to scale our (and your) impact this way.

If you want to get down to a granular level and calculate your exact footprint of your entire business, not just your workforce, and offset that, we have some great partners that can do just that for you. Just contact us at and we will will sort it out. 

We publish all our purchase orders and receipts for trees planted with our planting partner and they undergo regular audits which we publish links to as they become available.

The fact that our tree planting partner is trusted by global brands and like us is a member of the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, speaks for itself.

The trees are also planted to Gold Standard accreditation, meaning they are monitored and protected in perpetuity.

In effect all the money we take in some form or other goes towards climate action.


We have put purpose before profit, which is why we charge so little for the trees we plant (unlike many other companies).


We also give 10% of turnover to good causes before profit has even been calculated.


Finally, at least half of the profit we make is invested in sustainable innovation, through our partnership with the Green Tech Alliance, to speed up the time it takes to end climate change.

As your business is likely to benefit from promotion due to membership with Play It Green, our advisors believe that the money spent should be a tax deductible expense for most businesses that trade however we recommend that you speak with your business’s financial advisor to double check.

We should point out that we do not charge VAT on our subscriptions.

All we need to know is the number of your employees and whether they are light or heavy travellers….that’s it.

Simply click the sign up button, tell us those two pieces of information, set up payments and your will be taken straight to your your Forest Garden and you are away.

The whole sign up process takes two minutes.

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