Beat The Heat For Good: How To Take Climate Action

The past few days have seen heatwaves and wildfires spread across Europe, putting the climate crisis at the forefront of everyone’s minds. For many, this can cause feelings of anxiety and helplessness about the future.


Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s not a pleasant experience, climate anxiety is a perfectly normal response. It signals to us that there’s something we need to pay attention to, there’s a threat, and that we need to act now.


Since 2020, only 15% of people have not made lifestyle changes to lower their carbon footprint, showing that most people are trying to make a difference. Yet, after doing a few basic (but helpful!) things such as recycling or reducing energy use at home, many still get stuck and don’t know what to do next.


This is where climate anxiety can become detrimental, leaving people feeling overwhelmed, like the problem is too big and nothing they can do will be enough. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single person taking action and reducing their footprint matters. They just need to know what actions to take.


This is where Play It Green can help. Through our unique 3-step solution of Reduce, Repair, Regive, we can help anybody be part of the climate solution.

There are thousands of little ways we can begin to make more sustainable choices that work better for both us and the planet, and at Play it Green, we are passionate about helping you take that journey step by step.


We provide easy-to-implement weekly tips (along with discounts on sustainable products) to help you lower your footprint without feeling overwhelmed. We also provide education and good news stories to show the progress being made in this area and that there is hope for the future.


On top of that, 13 trees will be planted on your behalf every single month, enough to rebalance your entire carbon footprint and 7500 miles of travel every year.


The trees are planted in Madagascar through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects and bring benefits to the land and the people. Local communities are employed to plant and care for the trees. This means the families there can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.


Through our final step, Regive, 10% of everything you give to Play it Green is passed on to a good cause of your choice, ensuring you make a social impact where it matters most to you.


Your progress and impact can be tracked through your personalised Forest Garden provided to you when you sign up. Here you’ll even be able to run sustainability campaigns, allowing others to plant trees and donate to your good cause.


The best part? It only costs £5 a month (or the price of a cup of coffee a week) to sign up one adult!


So take control of your climate journey and feel empowered knowing you’re having a positive impact for the planet and our future.

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