A Net Zero Framework for Business

Here at Play it Green we want every business to have the tools to reduce their footprint and make a more positive impact on the world. That’s why we’re making our Net Zero Framework freely available to download now when you sign up as a Play It Green member (in 3 simple steps, at no cost to you).


This will help guide you to Net-Zero, allowing you to review, plan, and set actions that will get you there.

9 Key Programme Areas to Cover

The Framework has been designed to cover 9 key programme areas of any business. It includes Governance, Energy & Emissions, Food, Procurement, Transportation, Venue, Resource Use & Waste, Water, and Projects & Workforce.

Play It Green Net Zero Framework

Chris Thair, Play It Green CEO, said “We work with a number of businesses who had implemented some things to lower their carbon footprint. However, we were unsure in what to do next. We’re here to help people and businesses take their next step to a more sustainable future. As a result, we produced the Net Zero Framework to improve our overall offer.


“The framework allows businesses to see the bigger picture and break down all the steps they must take to net zero in a simple way. We are passionate about lowering carbon footprints and creating a community of people and businesses who can collaborate together to accelerate this journey. 


“Ultimate responsibility rests with the companies and individuals however Play It Green will continue to provide the tools and support to ensure change takes place, barriers are removed and more people take action. No matter how big or small, every business should be doing something on the environment, most importantly as it will drive new business their way.”

Putting Sustainability at the Heart of the Business

Through Play it Green’s 3-step solution – Reduce, Repair, Regive, businesses will have already reduced their footprint, balanced their carbon emissions by planting trees, and had a social impact by giving back to good causes. The Net Zero Framework allows them to go a step further, putting sustainability at the heart of the business and insuring progress continues into the future.

Play It Green 3 Step Solution - Reduce Repair Regive

Richard Walker, Head of Digital and Product for Play it Green member Binnacle Insurance, said, “Signing up to Play it Green’s Climate Positive Workforce (CPW) programme is an important step towards our goal to become a ‘net zero’ business and will help bolster our Path to Paperless scheme.


“The CPW programme offers an extremely straightforward and affordable way for us to lower our carbon footprint. The additional resources offered by Play it Green and their partners will also help steer the business towards a much more sustainable future.


“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Play it Green. We have been inspired by the opportunity and expect to see lots more of our customers and connections doing likewise in the very near future.”


As consumers become more climate-aware, market research shows they are more likely to buy from and stay loyal to businesses that help fight climate change. For this reason, businesses should take positive and sustainable action by reviewing their business sustainability strategy to catch this marketing opportunity.

3 Steps to get your “Net Zero Framework” Guideline for free:

1: Sign up to Play it Green (you can sign up for free with the no subscription option)

2: Go to the Download session at the bottom of your Forest Garden Page

3: Get the ‘Net Zero Framework’ inside the “Download Our Toolkits for business”

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