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What is the 1000 Tree Challenge?

Can you, as an individual or business plant 1000 trees utilising the power of your community and social media?

Every £1 plants 2 Trees & 10% of every pound will go to a good cause of your choice. 

Could you galvanise your network to donate a total of £500, plant 1000 trees and help make an instant environmental & social impact?

How to join?

Pop your email in the box above, click the “Pledge Now” button and we’ll send you everything you need to participate.  

We provide the platform to share and receive donations plus a full support pack. All of this entirely free of of charge.

What do I Receive After Joining?

An Implementation Guide plus four weeks’ worth of challenge specific social media content and visuals, to make it as easy as possible for you to deliver. 

Timelines & Rules

The Challenge can be done at any time 


We recommend you run your challenge for 4 weeks with a clear deadline however if it is shorter or longer that is fine

Rewards Upon Completion

A digital achievement certificate


Recognition by Play it Green on our platforms

Full access to our support material to help lower your carbon footprint – our passion! 

Make the Pledge Today to Join the 1000 Tree Challenge

Why 1000 Trees?

Why Not? 1000 will absorb 73.8 Tonnes of CO2 in their first 6 years, enough to rebalance the carbon footprint of one of these:

Close to 20 million two-person Zoom Calls

Over 1.3 million hours watching Netflix

223 Laptops being produced 

83 people for a month

Outside of absorbing CO2 trees also prevent soil erosion, flooding, provide better soil and waters for fishing and farming, help restore rainfall patterns and make a huge difference to local communities, as detailed in one of regular tree planting reports 

Business Benefits

Marketing Collateral


Engagement Tool


Positive Brand Association


Easy to implement &

Zero Cost


Personal Benefits

A Way to Take Action

Become Part of the Climate Solution

Reduce Climate Anxiety

Easy to implement &

Zero Cost

Make the Pledge Today to Join the 1000 Tree Challenge


Click on this link to read all our Tree Planting Reports, information about Eden Projects who plant the actual trees and the google earth coordinates of the tree planting sites in Madagascar. We even publish all our purchase receipts to provide complete transparency. The trees are planted, looked after, never cut down and native to the land in which they are planted. Participating in the challenge means you will be contributing to at least 11 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

When 120 bodies complete this challenge it means 10,000 people have had their carbon footprint rebalanced

We Believe in the Power of Collective Action

Q & A

The 1000 Tree Challenge symbolises a commitment to change beyond planting trees. Here at Play It Green we are passionate about lowering footprints and by joining the challenge you have full access to our sustainability tips and discounts, supporting our 3 step solution to fighting climate change.

Read the implementation guide that is sent to you after taking the pledge to join and review all the social media content and visuals in the same pack. We’ve provided everything you need to make it as easy as possible to activate and get others involved however you are free to do in whatever way you feel is right for you.

Ok, you won’t get an electronic certificate however every tree planted makes a huge difference and you would have still made a great environmental and social impact through the trees being planted and vital funds going to your good cause. You will also benefit from being a Play It Green member and being supported in your journey to lower your carbon footprint. If possible, you could keep the Challenge alive by sharing more Sustainable tips (find them here) and make more people aware of the Campaign and help you plant more trees to reach the 1000 Trees targets.

Given the Science shows 1000 Trees = 73,800 KG (or 73.8 Tonnes)  of CO2 we can work out some wonderful statistics that the 1000 Trees are equivalent to:

Close to 20 Million Zoom Calls: Zdnet reports two people spending an hour on Zoom at HD quality will generate around 0.0037kg of CO2. So 73,800 / 0.0037 = 19,945,946. This is nearly 20 million

Over 1.3m hours of Netflix: The Guardian states watching 1 hour of Netflix creates 55.5g of C02e. So we convert this into Kilograms:  55.5 / 1000 = 0.0555 KG. So 73800 / 0.0555 = 1,329,730. This is over 1.3m hours watching Netflix

223 Laptops: Circular Computing studied 230 specific laptops and discovered the average CO2 emissions during production of a new laptop is 331kgs. So 73,800 / 331 = 223 Laptops being produced.

88 People in Earth Month: Carbon Independent states that the average UK person has a Carbon Footprint of 10,000 KG for a year. 1 Month of a person = 10,000 / 12 = 833.33KG. So 73,800 / 833.33 = 88.56, so 88 people in one month.

133,650 Driving Miles: Pawprint Eco companion states driving 23,000 miles in the average car will emit 12.7 tonnes of CO2. So 73.8/ 12.7 *23,000 = ~133,650 Miles

Nearly 24 years of Using Mobile Phone (148 min a day): Viessmann mentions using a mobile phone an hour a day for a year will generate around 1.25 tonnes of CO2. Every hour of CO2 emission = 1.25/365 =  0.00342466 tonnes. Another statistic from Cybercrew states that an average person in the UK spends 148 minutes on a smartphone. 0.00342466*148/60 = average person in the UK emits 0.00844749 tonnes of CO2.  So 73.8/0.00844749/365 = 23.9 years

Over 2 New Landrovers: Viessmann states A new Landrover will produce 35 tonnes of CO2. So 73.8/35 = 2.1 Landrovers

21.7 Times London – HK Return flight journey : Viessmann states A return plane journey from London to Hong Kong is 3.4 tonnes of CO2. So 73.8/3.4 = 21.7 Times

Tell everyone via social media you have completed the challenge using some of the “completed” visuals in the support pack.


The 1000 Tree Challenge symbolises a commitment to change beyond planting trees, so the next step is to lower your carbon footprint. As a Play It Green member you now have access to our sustainability tips, discounts and tools such as the net zero framework to help you reduce your footprint. 

A Forest Garden is the term given to the bespoke webpage every member receives after signing up to Play it Green. This is your very own webpage page to personalise, upload photos to and share with others. Here is an example of a members Forest Garden


Every Forest Garden shows the number of trees you have planted, the resulting CO2 impact and everything the member wishes to share i.e. name, website, logo, strapline, photos etc. Every member also has access to our exclusive download section in their Forest Garden containing all our support packs and visuals. 


Forest Gardens allow you to start your very own “campaign” to plant trees e.g. for your birthday or anniversary, giving you the excuse to share your garden and get others to support your efforts. Anyone can plant a tree through your Forest Garden @50p a tree, by clicking the “Plant More Trees” button and every campaign has a leaderboard feature to showcase who has supported your campaign the most. 


Forest Gardens help towards your enjoyment by giving you the ability to showcase your impact and engage others. By doing so you make an even bigger impact! 

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